Halloween Costumes, 2012 Edition

Halloween – an inspired, weird, creative holiday.  Maybe even a bit creepy.  Full of costumes and, if you’re lucky, chocolate.  Perfect for people like me!

When it comes to Halloween, costumes are the “big deal” to me.  This year, the plan was to debut as a comic book character.  The costume needed to be something I could make mostly from materials I already had and would be decent enough to wear to a church party.  After a little research, the folks at New World Comics guided me to a lesser character – Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl.  My short hair, build from aerial dance, and flighty personality made the costume feel like a natural fit.  Now, if our current home had not been on the market and had I not already packed my camera in some forgotten corner during the tail construction, I would have taken photos.  Sorry folks.  I’ll try to do better on this in the future.  The tail’s frame is plastic canvas buttressed with open-cell foam; it is attached to the waist belt for easy removal and travel.  The bodysuit is stretch velour in brown that fastens at the shoulders.  Since the party included a meal, I opted not to wear gloves.  I also had the pleasure of contributing minor effort to the building of Thor and Hawkeye costumes, though the vision behind and most of the pieces composing these costumes lay with the wearers.  Still, I’ve included some photos below of the finished pieces, and I’d be happy to answer any questions about construction you may have.  Hope you enjoy!



One response to “Halloween Costumes, 2012 Edition”

  1. Sarah B. says :

    I’m giving you an award. Go visit my blog and claim it. Bwahahahaaa…

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